Rope is about comfort, about strength, and about love. Lovers bind themselves in a statement.

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There is something exciting about being not only nude outdoors, but being wrapped in rope. Whether to decorate or to restrain.

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Arathi teaches! Not only to groups, but to individuals who are looking to spice up their life. One on one.

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My Message To You

Rope is more than just a fetish for me. It is a way of life.

The artistic beauty of rope on bare skin is more beautiful than marble. Women, and even a few men who I have been privileged to tie are the epitome of beauty, as they have not only faced their self consciousness, but they have have conquered it.

My goal is not to fill this website, but to fulfill the dreams that dare not be spoken. My goal is to unleash the raw beauty and sexuality that all of us contain.

My goal is to liberate.



What Next?

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