Arathi's Approach

Preforming with so many respected individuals  means so much to me. I base my entire platform on being confident in providing dozens of references to any potential model.

Before I am willing to do a shoot, I need to understand not only what the model is trying to capture, but what the model is comfortable with.

Comfort and confidence in yourself, your body, and your photographer blend to create incredible images.

Meet Rope Artistry

Who is behind Rope Artistry? Rope Artistry has been around for over a decade, going from humble beginnings and terrible ties, to creating art, preforming, and educating.



Husband, Father, Dominant, Rope Artist

Starting out in 2004, Arathi fell in love with rope, and the sheer beauty it creates. Being unable to find others who were as dedicated to rope as he was in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Arathi sought out others from around the globe.

Learning from their styles through books, and online tutorials is where Arathi first got his start before molding rope into his own style.



Wife, Mother, Submissive, Photographer

Mylaela came onto the scene in 2010, finally stepping out of her online comfort zone to join Arathi not only in creating art, but creating a life and family.

She is adeptly learning the Art of Rope herself, while assisting Arathi in his work.

Want to become art?

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